7 Reasons to Buy Used Model Railways

Second hand does not mean second best — many of the most discerning modellers choose to buy used items. We pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of high quality used model railways at prices suitable for all budgets. Just in case you’re not convinced of the virtues of second hand models, here are seven great reasons why you should consider buying from us.

1. They’re cheaper!

Railway modelling can be a very expensive hobby, with new locomotives costing hundreds of pounds. Improved tooling and DCC technology comes with a hefty price tag, which can be off-putting to newcomers.
We believe that model railways should be within the reach of everyone, regardless of budget. Accessibility is our aim! Used items are cheaper, and offer much better value for money than brand new models. 

2. You have an increased choice

Though it may seem an obvious point to make, the second hand market is much larger and more diverse than what you can buy brand new. This means that your options are much broader, allowing you to accumulate a collection which best reflects your interests.

3. Get your hands on a rare vintage item

The second hand market attracts all sorts of people, from beginners to veteran collectors. Vintage model railways possess a charm which is often lacking in modern equivalents. From clockwork tinplate locomotives to retro Hornby Triang models, there is something for everyone.

Trains have a job to do after all… Why not embrace imperfection?

4. There’s scope for customising 

The quality of used models varies considerably. Though many are still in pristine condition, others bear the marks of many years of intensive use. Of course, full-size trains are seldom flawless. Trains have a job to do after all, and can’t always look shiny and brand-new! Why not embrace imperfection? Damaged models also present an opportunity for customising, something which you might not be brave enough to attempt with a new model.

5. Second hand model railways are good for the planet

Model trains are built to last years if not decades, so they can pass through several owners Even the most beaten-up locomotives have a place on your model railway layout. We don’t believe in throwing anything away when it can be given a new lease of life with a little creativity. 

Looking for some inspiration? Check out this video by Paul of Galgorm Hall OO Model Railway!

6. Used models retain their value

Buying second hand railway models makes good sense! Unlike brand new models, the value of used locomotives does not depreciate significantly. If you look after your collection, your investment will be secure. 

7. Classic models are better for little hands!

Modern highly-detailed models can be fragile and easily broken. Classic Hornby Triang models are far more durable, and capable of withstanding bumps and scrapes. This means that second hand model trains are ideal for younger enthusiasts. 

Buy with confidence

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